Tuesday, August 26, 2014



So today has been AMAZING so far! We started off with going to the temple and it was super cool.  As always!  We felt the spirit super strong and it was nice to have that experience again.  It amazes me every time I go how amazing the spirit is in the temple. People that can go every week are so darn lucky!  Anyway, the week has been pretty good.  We did a lot of service and were pretty busy with the move.  The new apartment is actually pretty cool.  I do enjoy it a lot more than our last apartment.

   Elder Sherman, me and 2 other missionaries are part of a guinea pig test, sort of thing. That means that the 4 of us are living together.  We are the only missionaries in the whole mission that are doing so, because President wants to see how effective it is.  So as you can imagine that is a lot of pressure but at the same time, it's a lot of trust.  It is kinda cool to know that we are trusted enough to be provided with this opportunity.  At first I was a little worried, but it's going to save the church a lot of money if it goes well so I'm gonna do everything I can to not mess that up.

   There are some pros and cons to the situation. The pros are that we're already good friends, we get a long well, it's not too crammed, and most importantly we're saving the church money.  We laughed it up like crazy last night.  The cons are that studies are kind of weird since we have completely different areas and different languages but it's all still good. :)

    It is truly crazy to think about!!! I have less than 11 months left! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! But I am super pumped to make all of them count and I am confident that when the time comes I will be ready to come home. That being said, I have made it a HUGE goal to not end up with STS!  I want to be one of those missionaries that you can tell worked till it was done. I hope to be like that and still be focused on what matters, the Lord.

   Other than that it has been an interesting week.  We had a super cool experience last night! We went to go contact a less active that we found and they invited us in, fed us, and want us to teach their 9 year old grandson so that he can be baptized!!!!  Super cool!  His name is Andres and he is a super cool kid. We are stoked to be working with him, getting him baptized and reactivating his family too.
   We actually saw Francisco but I wasn't there because we were on exchanges, but it went well.  We also saw Pam when I was on exchanges and apparently it went pretty well.  We are going to see her again this week and try to get her to church.  They said that she didn't get offended as far as they can tell so that is pretty good.  Pam is a 15 year old girl and her parents are both catholic.  She reads, prays and will hopefully come to church this week.  We will see what happens!  She's super nice and surprisingly open with us missionaries actually, so that's pretty cool.  As far as Hermano De Los Monteros is concerned, we haven't seen him again.  We called and his daughter said that he had a problem and left.  She said that he will call us when he gets his phone back.  We are kind of worried but everything will probably be ok.
   Being District Leader is amazing.  I never thought I would learn so much from other missionaries and I feel super lucky and blessed to be able to do all that things that I can do.  This week we had district meeting and that was pretty cool.  In my studies I came up with a tool we can use as missionaries and related it to basketball.  So in basketball,l as we all know, there is what is called the  "triple threat."  So in basketball of course the triple threat is that you can either pass, dribble or shoot.  Well, in teaching, while your companion is sharing something, there are usually 3 things that you can do to follow what your companion has just said. They are as follows:
     1.  You can Testify of what your companion said. (Pass)
     2.  You can ask an inspired question. (Shoot)
     3.  You can expound on what your companion has just said. (Dribble)
   Not everyone appreciated it as much as others because of the basketball factor, but afterwards we did a practice with it and it went really well.   The district is doing pretty good.  Everyone seems to be super stressed and I am just trying to make everyone happy and pumped to do missionary work. :)  
   What sets us apart as a district? Well, 4 out of the 8 of us are from Utah.  We also all have district t-shirts that are pretty cool.  I don't know what else to say other that.  As a district leader I hope to help our district become unified and obedient.  That being said, the most important thing to me is for everyone to be themselves.  :)
   So good to hear that Logan and Michelle are going to the temple!!  Make sure to congratulate them for me and give them my love!  Also happy to hear that Colton and Shannon are closing on their house!
  I don't have any special requests for my birthday. :)  Maybe a giftcard to Buffalo Wild Wings.  We do plan to go out to eat somewhere maybe Thursday or Friday to celebrate so that'll be cool.  We actually have an invite for Sunday dinner at a member's house so that will be super cool!  Oh and I bought myself a new journal today. It's actually pretty nice and it was only like 11 bucks!

  I love you and I thank you for making it possible for me to be here.
  Elder Taylor C. Davis

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