Tuesday, August 19, 2014


   So it has been a pretty good week! I was surprised out of my mind when I got your packages and the cookies!!!  Oh my goodness are they delicious!  I planned to take a picture of me and everything so I could send it to you but it turns out that we got called and we are moving apartments.  So pretty much all the time we have been in the house we have been packing.  I actually have plenty of room in my suitcases. :)  I haven't even touched my biggest suitcase and I am already almost all the way packed. :)  I honestly feel like what I came into the field with was just about the right amount. 

   We are just moving apartments in the same complex because right now we live in an ASL missionary apartment.  It's a long story.  Awhile ago their area got shutdown but now it's opening back up because there's new ASL missionaries.  So we're moving so they can have their apartment back. No worries, I still live in the same complex :)
   I loved the groceries!!  I still love them!  Did you not get my letter from last week?  I am still enjoying everything and I plan on taking pics in our new apartment. :)  I like the cookies and the Gushers most.  But that's really the only thing that I have eaten so far because I want it to last!
   We made tatertot casserole yesterday and it was DELICIOUS! The best part of it was that I totally made up the recipe and everything. It went surprisingly well!
    So yeah we have been packing all week and yesterday we had 3 hours of mandatory apartment cleaning.  That was fun. 

    It has been a good week.  MTE's were pretty good. We talked and learned a lot about how to get our investigators to church more successfully and it went pretty well.  We LOVE our new area!! There is so much potential that it is insane! We found these less active recent converts that are super cool and got them to come to church for the first time in a long time!  Heck yeah!  Also, Elder Sherman and I were out of ideas for what to do the other day so we prayed and we felt that we should try to find a former investigator that the area had and we struggled for like 30 minutes.  We could not find this lady for anything! But...just as we were about to give up and try another address, an older man stopped us in the street and told us he was Mormon and that he had just recently moved into the area and wanted to find the church he needed to go to.  Then... he noticed we were Spanish missionaries and asked where the Spanish ward meets.  He told us it was a miracle that we ran into him and he invited into his home and shared his story with us. He is super cool and was a ward mission leader for 2 years. He is a super cool guy and missionary minded too. He asked us for a blessing because he has been struggling with health lately and it was super powerful. The spirit basically exploded that room. Then... he went with us to contact the lady and helped us find her! What a beast!!! I know this church is true without a doubt and that we were lead to where we needed to be that day!

   No new investigators yet but we are feeling like this week is going to be super good!! Josh still really isn't making any progress, Francisco hasn't been answering the door or our calls but we think he might be in TJ so we're not too scared just yet.  Pam on the other hand has made some progress. We got her to commit to coming to church and everything! They (Pam and her sister Karen) called us Sunday and asked us what time they needed to be ready so the members could pick them up. Super sick!!! But, the members that were supposed to pick them up fell threw and didn't come through for us :( So Pam and Karen didn't make it to church and they are now not answering the door or the phone either. So we are hoping that they are not mad at us.  But I was praying during sacrament meeting, you know me... stressing myself out like I always do, when I was overcome with the spirit and the words, "this isn't your work" came into my head. So I feel good about it all now and know it happened for a reason.  We don't have any active award missionaries right now but there is a member that comes out with us twice a week all day so that is pretty cool! Fortunately, we have not had to result to tracting. :) 

   As for speaking in sacrament, I have shockingly enough not spoken in Sacrament meeting yet so I fear that my time will come soon. Usually Bishop likes to have the missionaries be the last resort type of thing so that's kind of nice.

   It sounds like you had quite the week as well!!! So many good and fun things that you got to do! I am so glad that you go to the temple and everything else while you were here! It really is a special place! We as a district are going there next week and I am super pumped!
    I love you so much and I am very grateful for your emails and everything you do.  I sure do love you to death!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis
P.S. Here's a pic of me at the library emailing! No judgy!

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