Monday, August 11, 2014


   The last three years have been really hard on our family, especially Elder Davis' littlest brother.  He has sacrificed a lot for his two older brothers.  Most of those sacrifices seemed to take up our summers.  As the close of summer drew closer this year, we felt that Elder Davis' little brother deserved some time dedicated just to him.  In talking as a family we decided a small vacation was in order.  We looked at all of our options, but in the end, we decided to go to California.  It's close, the weather is great, it fit into our budget and there is plenty to do. 

    We found it interesting that people thought we would seek out Elder Davis or try to get in contact with him because we were in the same state in which he is serving.  We would never do that.  He is on a mission.  Serving our Father in Heaven.  We love him and we love Elder Davis.  We honor and respect them both.  There are rules in place for a reason and we intend to obey them.  We planned not to tell him we were even in California until we returned home. 

   However, we did want to drop off a care package at the mission office for him, so we are sure he realized we were in California before we returned home.

   When we arrived in California, we called the mission office and inquired what would be the best way to handle dropping off our care package and the rules regarding such.  We were assured that Elder Davis would NOT be near the office and encouraged us to come by.  When we arrived at the office we were welcomed by the mission staff and given the grand tour.  We met everyone but the mission president and his wife (who were not in the office that day.)  We even got to meet some Elders who knew Elder Davis. 

Jonah sitting in the package area for Elder Davis' area.

One of the highlights of the office visit was witnessing Elder Gillespie open a package from home.  I was able to take pictures and send them to his mom.  It was an amazing experience!

We did end up telling Elder Davis we were in California in our Tuesday email since we figured he would know once he received our package. 

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