Tuesday, August 12, 2014


   Thank you for your very thoughtful email, as always. That's super cool that you got to meet missionaries that knew me and do all that fun stuff here in California. You should have taken a picture with the sisters you toured the Mormon Battalion with, because I don't think I know who Sister Owens. I do know Sister Stephens though!  She was in my last district when I was with Elder Nickel.

   Plus I am sure that realized that Sister Soffe is like the sweetest little lady on earth!  It's kind of  weird seeing pictures of you all because you all look like such a young family.  Jonah looks super tall, Pops looks super skinny and fit and so do you!  So good to see you all so happy!!  :)

   So I am doing pretty good actually. Yesterday was the start of the new areas that I talked about last week. We no longer visit with Cindy, Richard or Michael. :(  But I know the other missionaries will do a good job with them and that the change was inspired of Heavenly Father. 
    As for anyone new, we now have an investigator family named the Schact's. They are super cool and are pretty much ready to be baptized. They just want to wait until their son turns 8 so they can all be baptized. That will be in about a year and a half.  So we are hoping this week that as we talk to them about being sealed in the temple in a year and the dad being able to baptize his son it will help them move the process along.  Not much other news to report other than that!  We should have more super stories later though. :)  Oh and tomorrow we are going to have MTE's so that should be fun.
   I really am glad to hear that you are here safe in California and you are living it up!  It really is a special place. I hope you enjoy the rest your trip and I look forward to my package and cookies! :)
   As always, I really do love you to death.  You are the best part of my life and I hope you never forget that.
   Elder Taylor C. Davis
P.S. I just realized that I am going to run out of space in my journal at the end of this month.  We will be going to the temple in a couple weeks, should I just buy a new one there?   Love you!!!

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