Tuesday, September 2, 2014


   Dear Momma...sounds like you had quite a good week!! You got to go to the temple twice AND be there when Logan and Michelle received their endowments! I am so proud of them.  They really have gone far and done a lot together already. I totally agree that they will do well continually. They are now sealed for time and eternity.  What blessings!  Plus you got to help out the missionaries as well.  Your service and desire to do so has always amazed me. You always have had such a huge heart and I really admire you for that.

   Dad...what a spirit filled email! Thanks for taking the time and thought to write such a good email. I always feel edified after I read your emails.  I can see the progression and change in you as well. I can't wait to hang with you again. Your emails and experiences have brought me even closer to you than I thought was possible.  Thank you for your solid example. 

   I really appreciated what you shared about the 5th Sunday, that's pretty cool.  As I kind of am a leader, I have really enjoyed the things I have learned and that I get to do because of it. I see other leaders all the time that do things just so they can be recognized as a leader and that is sad to see.  A leader is not a big boss guy that tells everyone what to do and rebukes them when they do it wrong.  A true leader is a servant of the Lord and NEVER does anything for his own.  In smaller words, Leadership is Service.  That is what I have tried to be as I have been district leader.  It is amazing to see what I have learned having that attitude as well.  In the mission sometimes it is a theme that District Leaders stay district leaders for a long time.  Sometimes it isn't, it all just depends on who the Lord wants us to serve and how. That being said. I'm not sure that my time left here in this area is super long.  I have been in the same stake for about 8 months.  So it's possible I could get changed but who knows. HE does and that's all that matters. :) 
    That's what I love about Presidente Schmitt. This week I was worrying about transfers because I feel like a change is going to happen with the Shermanator and I but as Pres got up to speak at the fireside, I was overcome with the spirit and I heard the words in my head, "He knows where I need you. Let not your heart be troubled." This was super cool and was probably the highlight of my week. It is amazing how the Lord puts us where we need to be, in the precise moment we need to be there. 

    So my week has actually been pretty cool.  We had a super cool fireside in Spanish for all the investigators in our ward and another ward and it was super powerful.  I was able to sing in the choir with all the other missionaries and it was way cool.  Plus, Victoriano, one of the investigators that I used to teach was there and gave a super powerful testimony! He has already been to the temple to do baptisms and everything for his own family members!! So cool!  Plus it was nice to see all the members from my last area and how happy they were.  We also had a pretty good lesson with Andres last night. We taught him a very simple restoration lesson and got him with a baptismal date for this month!!!  So we will be seeing him twice a week and all that fun stuff. It is going to be super cool. 

   Teaching little kids is a lot different than adults but it is super fun.  You have to teach super simple and I like it because that's the way the gospel works. Simplify and intensify.  We were able to see Pam as well and we got her to agree to come to church this coming Sunday if she can go with a friend so hopefully that all works out.  Unfortunately we can't call the temple and put names in but we can put names in while we are there. :)  I can see why we can't though because then the whole world would be calling the temple.  We weren't able to see Francisco but hopefully he will answer the door and the phone this week.

   Our apartment is going pretty well. We do well with our studies, we stay focused and we are now keeping the apartment cleaner now so that is always good!  It will be interesting to see how it goes as we get further into our time there.  I sure do love the Elders that we live with. The only problem is that they and Elder Sherman are all sick so it's  only a matter of time before I go down!  I am praying and hoping that I don't get sick so we can go out there and set the world on fire!  Other than that, everything is going great.

   Well, not much to report other than that. I want you to know that I love your guts and I am so grateful that by some way I was lucky enough to be your son. You keep my life turning and it would stop without you. LOVE YOU! <3

   Elder Taylor C. Davis  

P.S.- Thanks for the sports updates! My homies are making me proud! Even if I am still not fond of Cap n' Crunch.

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