Monday, September 8, 2014


   So I am doing pretty good.  As you probably would have guessed, I got sick.  Elder Sherman and I were sick from Wednesday until Sunday morning.  So on Sunday, we woke up, I opened my packages, and it was great!  I took a bunch of pics but they didn't turn out so well. We went to church and we left early because we felt like crap and we thought it would be smart to go home and rest so we could make our appointments that we had that day.  It worked!

   I fasted and prayed specifically that we would feel better and be able to go to our appointments and not get anyone sick. After I woke up after a quick hour nap, I felt great!  We left and went to our appointments.  First we saw the Perez family, a solid member family and the Mom made a huge deal out of my birthday.  She made us dinner (pazoli pasta), and even made us a cake!  It was super good.

   Then, we went to the Joaquin's (Cody's cousin's house) and they fed us, gave us cake, and my package as well!  Then!  We came home and the Todd's came over and sang to me and gave me some candy and took pics with us too. Overall, it was a super good birthday!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all the thought and love that you put into everything.  I really enjoy all of it and the "Deeds" card really made me laugh. I LOVE all of it.  I didn't know you had spent so much on the bag though! I am enjoying it!!!  I still have the tags on it just in case I don't like it very much.   I am going to try it out for the next two days and see, but as of now I kinda like it. :)

   Let's see, what else happened? Oh we went to a place called Aunt Emma's (it's a place like Denny's) on Saturday to celebrate for my birthday and it was delicious!!  When we went to Aunt Emma's place, our waitress' name was Darlene.  It was a super small thing, but it pretty much made my day. It was just cool that sweet old Nana was a part of my birthday. :)  That was probably the best part of my week.  We also used the gift card you sent, yesterday. :)  It was SUPER good.  We even have enough left on the card to go again! :) So of course that will happen.  :)
   Sorry to hear about you being so sick! :( You really should ask someone for a blessing though... You do have 2 members of the Bishopric on the street that would be more than willing to help you. :) Just Do It  Momma! :)

   Wow, sounds like you had a pretty crazy day before Mexico!!  But what a cool experience! We as a family have definitely learned the power of prayer and have strong testimonies of it because of that.  I am so glad that you were able to make it there almost on time and that lady was so nice to not make you pay for that transfer! :)  It also makes me very happy that you are doing so well and loving your job so much! 

   Glad to hear that my boys, both my Niners and those Utes are doing so well. Minus injuries of course.  It hurts sometimes when I know that a football game is on and I can't watch it but then I realized that football will still be there whenever I get back.  It is amazing how little you notice things when you focus on the work.

   So our investigators are doing well.  We have only seen Pam and Andres in the past week because we were both sick.  But Pam is doing super well!  She is praying every day and it seems like she is happier every time we come over.  Andres is doing super good too.  He is learning quick and we are really seeing his desire to be baptized.  

   We actually were considering dropping the Schact Family because we hadn't seen them in 6 weeks but we saw them yesterday and set up an appointment with them for tomorrow night so hopefully that works out. :)  Francisco has still been dodging us and we don't know why.  We hope that as we try to see him this week he will be home and want to see us though. :) I am sure he will.

   The district is doing alright.  A lot of them are super stressed lately, so I have been trying to help with that.  Sister Cannon and Sister Huefner are both from Utah, Elder King is from Indiana, Elder Moreno is from Texas, and Sister Aquino is from New York.  Oh and and Sister Sanchez is from Iowa.  SO we have a pretty well rounded group.  

   President Schmitt is such a boss. He is super bold and to the point and I really like that.  I haven't really seen huge differences in him and Pres Clayton except for age and height really. Plus Pres Schmitt seems to be more affectionate towards us Elders.  

    I am doing fine mom. :) (I had mentioned that he was looking thin.) I actually think I might have gained some weight. I feel like I never stop eating.  :)

   I love you so much and thank you for the life you have given me. Thank you for always loving me without end and taking such good care of me. I am thankful to have you as my parents and know that I would be a pile of dust without you. You are the best. I mean it. I am also grateful for the relationship that we have developed while I have been gone. 

   I sure love you!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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