Tuesday, September 30, 2014


   It sounds like you had quite the week! What cool experiences you have shared with me! It must have been a great thing to take part in so many wonderful things. I sure do love the temple and I am pumped because we are going next week!!  
   No need to be worried at all. :) I am perfectly fine and doing great. I will be having my check up with Doctor Kaufsman though sometime this week.
    Things with Elder Strong are going really well.  He is a really good kid and I love him already. We laugh all the time and I speak more Spanish with him than I have with ANY of my other companions. He is super humble and he has a great attitude about everything.
     Our week has been grrrrrrreat!  We still have not been able to see Andres but he came to church and we found out why he hasn't been home.  There was a hurricane a couple weeks ago that messed up the business that his Grandpa owns and runs so they have been super busy.  But we'll see him this week for sure. :)  Josh is seeing us weekly, he has come to church the last 2 weeks and has been keeping the commitments that we extend his way.  He just needs to make up his mind if being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is what he wants to do.  Francisco is doing really well. We had a  really good lesson about fasting on Thursday and he is going to pray as to what to fast for.   Pam we have not seen this week though. She has been super busy this week for some reason. 
   We had 3 baptisms in the district this last week!!!  I had the opportunity to interview all of them, baptize 2 of them and give one of them the priesthood. It is so cool how a simple interview guided by the spirit can create such good relationships with people!  It was so sick!!!  Guess what else happened!?  We found out that next Sunday our Spanish ward will be split into 2 Spanish units (a ward and a branch)!!!  How crazy is that!? 
    Great to see that you all enjoyed the Thunder games. Looks like quite the party! 
    I cannot believe that conference is here already either!!! We will be going to the stake center for all sessions and after we are going to eat at bishop's house. Oh Yeah!!
    Elder Taylor C. Davis

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