Tuesday, September 23, 2014


   Happy Tuesday!
   I am doing pretty good actually. I received my meds on Friday and I am feeling pretty good.  I am just super tired. But in a good way.  So don't worry in the slightest. What a great feeling it is to come home every night, drained, exhausted and ready to go to bed and be able to do it with a smile on your face because you know what you're doing each day. 
   So things are going super well this week!  It has been a really great week.   My new companion, Elder Strong is a BEAST!!!  He's from South Carolina and yes, he is fresh the Mexico MTC.  :)  His Spanish is surprisingly good for a newbie. We already get along great and he is teaching me a lot. He is super nice and a humble giant.  He comes from a family of 5 boys.  He's 18 and he is already a super good missionary.  It's kind of nice to be the missionary that has a little bit under his belt, but still has a ton to learn and all that.  :)  I am super lucky to have him as my companion and we already get along really well.  He is the bigger built guy of the far side of the picture that the Todd's sent.  The one laying across us is our other roommate. :)  We are already having so much fun and it is awesome.
   Things with Andres have not really been good lately.  Ever since last week we have not gotten a hold of them and they didn't come to church on Sunday either.  We are just hoping that they are on vacation or something.  Josh is not too bad.  We've been seeing him regularly again and he seems to have more a desire to learn and grow, so that is great as well.  We saw Pam last night and she is doing super good!  She's reading, praying and just rockin it!  
   Guess who else we saw?  Francicso!!!  That fool finally was home and we had a SICK lesson with him. We talked about fasting and the Mormon message about God's light and afterwards we just sat there in silence while the spirit worked on him and it was so cool!!!  He was speechless for like 5 minutes and he said he'd love us to come back this Thursday.  So of course we will do that.  :) 

   Glad that things helped when the Todd's sent you that photo.  They are super nice people and they actually live right above us.  We sure do love them!!  Oh and I forgot to buy stamps this week, mainly because we were focused on getting things that we needed for the apartment and because it's the end of the month.  But I will see if I can borrow some stamps from someone or something so I can write. Also, I want to thank you for your letter that was tucked in with my meds.  I love you dearly and I hope this email finds you happy. :)
   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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