Tuesday, July 15, 2014


   I am doing pretty good.  I was super sick with the flu the past 2 days but now I am doing better. It wasn't terrible but it made it so we couldn't work. Elder Sherman got it too. But I am all better today. :) And no, I did not find my camera. It has really made me feel pretty down this week. I have always done such a good job at taking care of it and making sure I knew where it was but I guess I didn't pay attention or something because I can't find it anywhere. The last time I had it was in the apartment as far as I can remember. Or at District meeting. I don't know. It was marked with my name but who knows if peeps are honest in California. If I find it I will let you know.  But yeah, that means I lost all of my pics too.  :(  I am really bummed but there's nothing I can do now. Sorry to let you down and lose something so special and not cheap. I guess I will just save up money or something so I can get one.  I have felt super bad because I know that it wasn't cheap and that it was a very special graduation gift. Plus it was a super nice camera.

   But anyways, on to happy things!!!!! Luis' baptism was SOOOOOO awesome.  I don't know how to describe it at all. We got there, took some pics, sat down and listened to the prelude, and then it all started.  First we sang a hymn, then his mom got up and shared her testimony, then he was baptized. Elder Nickel baptized him.  The spirit was super strong. Then as we waited for them to change, the spirit was even stronger.  After they were all changed and what not, Luis stood up.  As he was standing up, he broke down and started crying. The spirit just blasted the room with it's power!  Then he bore a super simple and powerful testimony of how he found the right church.
   Mom, the spirit hit me so hard that I cried too.  I know that the atonement is real. This man suffered and struggled through so much and now he is free of it all. Man I know the church is true!!!
   Man I miss your cooking.  I honestly can't choose one thing that I miss more than others. I miss it ALL.  I cook a lot of pasta and sandwiches.  And we don't eat a ton with members,  But there's usually beans, tortillas and some salad or something like that if we do.  Nothing special.   How do you make peach cobbler with a yellow cake mix?????
   Super cool that you got to go the Clayton's Homecoming.  And that you got to meet Sister Pendleton.  She was one of my best friends and she was a beast of missionary.  I hope to stay in contact with her. She's super cool.
   For P day we are going to play sports as a district at the church and eat lunch.  Nothing too big, but it should be fun. :)
   About Cindy and Josh, Cindy has kind of been buffing us lately and we haven't been able to see her for a bit. Josh is doing good. We have an appointment with him tonight that will determine if he gets baptized on the 26th or not. The older guy I mentioned is Francisco. He is super solid and we are making a lot of progress with him.
   Well, I sure do love you. Thanks for everything!  Have a great week!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis  

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