Friday, July 18, 2014



So we sent 52 of each of the following:

Rootbeer Barrels:  We hope you are having "Barrels" of fun on your mission!
Caramels:   Take out the "R" and the extra "A' and you have got "Camel."  The hump day symbol!
Banana Runts:  Don't go to "Banana's" on Hump Day!
Cry Baby Candies:  We promise not to be "Cry Babies" while you are gone!
Tootsie Rolls:  Here's hoping the next year "Rolls" by!
Rockin Rods (like a Jolly Rancher):  You have "Rocked" your first year as a missionary!
Pieces of Focus gum:  We are so proud of how "Focused" you are!
CERTS mints:  C-Choose E-Everything R-Righteous T-Thing to be S-Successful
Swedish Fish: To celebrate all the baptismal water you will be in this next year!

We also sent a:

New tie
Half a batch of his favorite cookies
Half dozen new socks
A stuffed camel with poem attached.

As you come to the one-year mark of your mission, I am sending you this camel to remind you how far you have come, and where you are going.  There are many similar characteristics of a great missionary and a camel.
The first is the "hump". Yes, you have crossed the mark and now are over the hump of the first year. But remember the hump of a camel is used to store food for the long journey. Camels can go for long periods of time without food, but he must store his food in his hump. A Missionary has learned from so many experiences, but a wise Missionary will store the knowledge he has gained, and put it to greater use the second half of his mission.

Another important symbol, is what the camel does to be prepared to carry his load for his Master. A camel sometimes protests his heavy load, but he drops to knees for his Master, and once started, he patiently carries his load. Asa missionary sometimes the load seems heavy and difficult to carry. But when you drop to your knees and succumb to the Master's will, he will carefully lead you and you can bear the load patiently, and do your Father in Heaven's work as he would have you do. This is why the camel's knees are heavily padded, as a Missionary, your knees are calloused from the many hours of kneeling in prayer.
The camel has high set eyes, that enable him to see long distances. A Missionary has his eyes set on higher things, he follows the Spirit that enables him to see the Children of God, those who are seeking answers, and he teaches them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The camel has broad, two-toed feet, that keep it from sinking in desert sand. A missionary has a broad knowledge and a firm testimony of the Gospel. This enables him to teach with boldness and stand firm in his testimony. The people you teach do not yet have the blessing of such a sure-foot, but as you teach with love and the Spirit, you will help them gain their own testimony that will help them walk on firmer ground. One that will lead them back to their Father in Heaven.

So you see, a Missionary has a lot in common with a camel. Put this camel where you can see it often. Dedicate yourself to do as the camel does. Serve your Master well and patiently over the long journey. You have come a long way, there is still much ground to cover. Continue to move forward, serving with love, until your mission is complete and your Father in Heaven will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

By: Cheryl K. Carpenter

And a photo album with pictures of friends, family and ward members holding "Hump" day signs!


Thank you to all those who took the time to participate!  He is going to love the pictures!


  1. Kristin, Thanks for letting me know. I was having trouble getting them all to upload and so some of them got left off. Hopefully they are all here now.