Tuesday, May 27, 2014


  What up?  I really enjoyed all of your emails. The letters were also nice. I have to apologize for not writing a letter the past couple of weeks.  it has been super crazy the past few weeks on Pdays!  I have been insanely rushed.  I will be going to the temple again soon, so just a heads up that I probably won't have a lot of time that week either.  But I should have time this coming week.  :)

  So Luis & R******are doing great.  Yes, they are related.  Luis is R****** uncle.  So it would be cool to see both of them baptized the same day.  We actually have talked a little bit with R******'s mom lately and that is cool.  She has always been really anti, but now she's showing a lot more interest.  Heck Yes!!!  We just need to get them to church.

   I apologize this letter is super short and whatever, but I want you all to know ow much I love you.  I really appreciate all that you do for me.  Your are probably the most supportive family there is.  You are all the best! I freakin love you!

   Oh yeah, just so you know, I didn't receive my package today.  So I don't know what happened.  I know you tracked it and it was at the mission office last friday, but I never got it.  I'm sure it will be there next Tuesday. 

   I love you all!!!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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