Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  Greetings from AMAZING San Diego, California!!! I am happy to say that this week has been grrrrrreat!  We were able to see a lot of people and it has just been super cool.  It was SUPER hot for a few days but other than that, it has been fantastic. 

    I am glad that you enjoyed the letters and pics.  I was worried that they wouldn't get there in time.  But glad that you got them.
      So yeah I have been putting my name like that lately.  But I was only doing it because it sounded cool and didn't even think about the whole general authority thing, until today.  But let's be real, Elder Davis is not cut out for anything like that.  
   As for the tie burning, yes that is a 6 month tradition. The 12 month is a pair of pants and it just gets worse from there, so I won't be doing any of the other ones.  I only did the 6 month one because it was an old dirty tie that was left in the apartment.
   Things have been great here!  L*** is doing great!! We saw him yesterday and he is slowly but surely leaving coffee behind.  He is also doing well with his health. Plus you can see the gospel changing his life so much!! You wouldn't believe it! . He is progressing hardcore and is changing SO much!! Man I love that man!! When we left his house yesterday, he thanked us and said that we had helped him "bastante". So Great!!!  Even if he gets baptized next transfer, I can still be there and possibly baptize him if he wants. R***** is doing alright. She has been having a hard time because she is having problems at home. But other than that she is good.  We are teaching a little boy named E******* and he is 9 years old and wants to get baptized. We just need to get him to church!!! We also added a 19 year old kid named R****** and he is pretty cool. He is actually L***' nephew.  We found out that T***** lives in TJ. LAME!! It has been a really great week!
   So transfers are next week. WHAT!? But yeah I feel pretty strongly that something is going to happen with me.  I am ready for whatever it may be.  :)   We will get transfer calls next Tuesday morning (if we are getting transferred) so you should know next week. :) 
   My doctors appt will be the day after I call home and I will be borrowing a car from some other missionaries.  I am not worried about the results or anything like that. I am just a little worried about insurance and stuff like that, if they'll actually do the scans and everything that day or if I will have to wait, etc... I will just go in by myself probs. No biggie.
   About slacks, I just wanted the pair that I had. I can't remember which one fit the best. I just wanted them for more variety. :) My navy blue pants, bit the dust a while ago. The zipper is completely broken so they are pretty much not wearable anymore. But other than that I am solid.  :)
   Okay now for the best part!!!! So guess what I had the opportunity to do yesterday!?!?!? I got to shake the hand of an Apostle of the Lord. A.K.A.- Elder M. Russel Ballard!!! Yeah... It happened!!!! After that, he spoke to all of us missionaries!!  It was so cool! I cannot believe that that was possible and I am so pumped for this week and the rest of my mission!! I have now shaken 2 of the 12 Apostles hands! Oh Yeah!!!
  So no, I did not get to go to the fireside on Sunday but I got to go to something better! :)

  I am happy to hear that you had a party and played games in my honor.  Funny because Mexicans don't even celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  I love you to death and I hope you enjoy your week!
  Elder Davis

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