Monday, May 5, 2014


A missionary mom goes through the week praying and having faith that her missionary is safe, healthy and happy.  You have one day a week that you get to KNOW how your missionary actually is.  I have found that even more than emails or letters, pictures of my missionary bring me the most happiness.  All three are what I like to call "Proof of Life." 

This week we received "Manna" from our missionary.  A.K.A.- a ton of pictures!  Happy day!  

12/10/13  A tie we sent him.
1/7/14  His new CTR ring.
 1/23/14  Tie Burning for Bump Day!
 2/25/14  Imperial Beach
 4/8/14   Grocery stash from Auntie
 4/15/14   Pday near the border.
 4/22/14  Temple Trip
 Elder Davis & Elder Nickel

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