Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Elder Davis in front of one of his Dad's favorite places!

    What up!? So today I am doing great. Our new companion is Elder Marin.  He is from El Paso Texas and actually came back to the mission. (He came out with me but had to go home to take care of things with his family.) He is super funny and is a beast of a missionary.  He is actually like a mix of the both of us. He and I get along better it seems like though.  I am so excited to be in a trio! It will be interesting to see what happens because Elder Trio's don't usually last very long.
   Things with the investigators are doing pretty well.  We actually saw L*** and R****** yesterday. They are both doing well. It was super cool because the other day we asked L*** if we could set a goal for the last day he was going to drink coffee and he just said, "What about today?" What a beast!! 

    And he hasn't had any coffee since then!!! Heck to the yeah!!! R****** is doing well. We just struggle with getting him to church because he is super hard to wake up in the morning.  We have not seen R**** though, unfortunately.  Hopefully we can see her this week.

    So to answer your questions.... Yes we do recycle and my favorite scripture would probably have to be either Mosiah 2:17 or D&C 84:88. I trust your decision as to which one fits better to serve as my "mission" scripture.  :)  About the fires... I actually didn't know anything about the fires until like yesterday.  But as far as I know, I am not close to any of them and it is not effecting anything for us. So that's nice. I wish I could help the people it is effecting though.

    I am glad of the relationship that we have and I want you to know that you will always be my best friend.  I love you so freakin' much!!!

    Elder Taylor C. Davis

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