Tuesday, June 3, 2014


 Elder Davis' tan line from his watch.
 Elder Davis & Elder Fowler
 Elder Davis' new apartment.
 Elder Marin & Cendy (an investigator)

   So this week has been very interesting to say the least.  Remember how my bike got jacked and how I had 2 companions? Remember how I thought for sure that I would be transferred? Remember how you said that you thought I would step up to some type of leadership?

   Well.... Last Thursday, I was ET'd (emergency transferred) to the Chula 4th ward.  Crazy huh!!!!?

    I guess a missionary went home, so President asked me if I could be part of the emergency transfer and take his place.  Of course, I said yes.  

    Just to set the story, we had MTE's (missionary training) on Wednesday and Thursday.  About 20 minutes before MTE's were over on Thursday, President pulled me aside and asked me to stay after so he could talk to me. As you can imagine, alarms are going off in my head and I could not focus for the rest of the meeting.  Well after the meeting he pulled me aside and said that there was an emergency transfer and that someone needed a companion and he felt like I should be the one to be transferred.  Well guess who the person that needs a companion is? Elder Sherman!! Yep the Davis, Shermanator companionship is back baby!!

    About two days after that, President Clayton called us and said that ever since he had put us back together, he felt like I should be the new district leader. So if you could pray for me in that regard, that would be great.  So yep, that's my week.  And now I am in a car and probably will be for a while, so we don't have to worry about the bike for now.  

    I have been super nervous all week.  So I am doing super good this week.  We have gotten a lot of work done and it has been fun to work with Elder Sherman again.

    It's good to hear that you are going to be so blessed with little Kennedy, even if it is going to be super busy.  It's good that work is picking up and getting busy too.  That just means more success for the business and more lives enriched. :)

    Jenny really IS a special person and I am lucky to have gotten to work for her and be around her.  Every time I hear "Temple Spires" it reminds me of my farewell.

    I am not sure about the Mormon Battalion thing. (A celebration we asked about which is being held there this month.)  This is actually the first that I have heard about it.   

   What do I and my companion study in Preach My Gospel?  That is a good question.  So personally, I have actually been reading in chapter 1 as well.  Every morning I read a little bit in Spanish. I have also been studying chapter 2 and 3 a lot as well. It just depends on the day and who we will be teaching. :) 

    About the tri-companionship, it is actually not very different from just a normal pair.  We have to stay together at all times, teaching included.  It's actually kinda fun. But yes sometimes it does feel like we're ganging up on people. Especially with member present lesson.  But it is cool because when all 3 of testify and are unified it makes the spirit that much cooler.  But it is very similar if we were only 2 missionaries. It's just harder to judge when to speak.
    So as you can guess, I do not have much to report on investigators in my last area this week.  But we did have a pretty cool experience yesterday.  So we received a referral from another set of missionaries and we went to go contact it. Well, this dude was not interested AT ALL!!!  But we were able to sit down and talk to his mom and her friend.  It was funny because the mom, Y******, said that I had a very pretty face and that she could see God in my face or something to that effect.  But it was cool that we were able to set a return appointment with them and they seem pretty open to the Gospel.

    I love you dearly, as always!!!

    Elder Taylor C. Davis

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