Tuesday, June 10, 2014


  I am doing great! This week has been pretty cool. We added 4 new investigators this week and saw a lot of miracles.  So you already heard about Y****** and M****, but we also added a dude named M****** and a 14 year old girl named N****.  N**** is a sister of a recent convert we have and she is super nice.  I don't know much about M****** though because we were on exchanges when Elder Sherman added him.

  Unfortunately, I have not heard anything about Luis or anyone but I will continue to ask.  And our temple trip was actually changed, so yep.
  We are just going to play sports and have a BBQ for Pday today. 

  Being district leader is fun. It's not as challenging as I thought it would be. But that is probably because of all the prayers. I do appreciate that by the way.  I guess I was a lot more ready than I originally thought.  So what I do as a district leader is: I am in charge of 7 other missionaries (plus myself).  They are all super cool and we actually get along very well.  It is my job to hold district meetings (where we receive instruction and talk about the needs of everybody) every week.  I am in charge of reporting the district's numbers and just leading by example and making sure their needs are being met. I actually enjoy it quite a bit because all it is, is more service. :)  That is all leadership in is in the mission and I love it! :)
  It has been a little annoying because everyone and their dog has been saying that I am getting transferred since I am doing so well. As much as it is nice to receive compliments, I don't like the attention. You know me.  But it is cool that everyone thinks I'm stepping up to the plate, so I must be doing something right. I just hope I can live up to what Heavenly Father wants me to do with this calling. It has already made me a lot better at street contacting and it is super cool.

  Being with Elder Sherman again is great! I love that little kid.  We actually are more unified now than before and we get along really well.  It has been super cool to see the area and try to see everyone.

  That is super cool that Reagan's baptism went so well and her party too! :) They are such a good family!!!
  I am glad to hear about Andrew's farewell and that Cody and Gavin sat with you. That's cool.  I always wonder how everyone is back there. Interesting to hear that Cody is putting his papers in.  That is super cool.  I had no idea that Andrew thought that way about me. That is good that he is so happy now and that he chose to serve the Lord. His family is going to be blessed so much!
  Oh yeah so guess what!?!? This week I ran into a member in our area and they are Cody Jorgensen's family!!  Super cool!  I walked into their house and they had a pic of Cody on their wall. Super fun!
  So I didn't get my package again last Tuesday!!! But.... I did have it brought to me on Wednesday. Apparently someone put it on the wrong shelf...Again.  But I did get it and I have to say that I am SO grateful for it! It made my week! I love the pants and the shorts and everything! They are the perfect length and all! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. You really are the best mom there is. 
  So transfers are coming up again, about 2 weeks from today. Crazy huh?  It will interesting to see what happens because Elder Sherman and I both feel like we won't be together for very long. I am grateful we are together though.
  What are the plans for Father's day?  I want to say Happy Father's Day because I won't get to on Sunday. Happy Father's day Dad. You have no idea the influence you have in my life. I am the person I am because you and Mom raised me.  There are a lot of my personal traits that come from you and I am very proud and grateful to be your son. If there was a "Greatest Dad Ever Award", I would not hesitate to award it to you. You are my hero with all of your knowledge and insight. You should be getting something in the mail this week so watch out for it!
  Momma, I sure do love the heck out of you!!!! You are such an inspiration to me and I am grateful for the relationship we have. I hope this week is great for you!
  Elder Taylor C. Davis

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