Tuesday, June 24, 2014


  Good Morning!!! So it turns out that Elder Sherman and I are staying. Not what we expected, but we are happy that we are still together and look forward to the next 6 weeks. We both thought for sure that one of us was gone.  But I guess we are both needed together here still. It will interesting because now Elder Sherman will be my longest companion in my mission. It is actually kind of funny how easily we get along. I love how much we are able to laugh about old times but at the same time, creat new memories.
  Usually we are not allowed to pack until we know that we are being transferred. So I am glad that I did not try to pack early just in case. 
   As for the President, we are still under the direction of President Clayton. He leaves and is replaced with President Schmitt on Saturday.  We are actually going to have a "Meet the President" activity on Monday.  Super cool huh?
   There are various things that we do for service as missionaries here. We have helped paint, move, yardwork, cleaning up and stuff like that. The most common for me so far, is helping people.
   It sounds like everything is going well there back home. It's super cool that Jonah is going on Trek! I know that his attitude about it will change and that he will learn and see things that he never thought possible.  It is interesting that they will be using the bus each day. I don't think that we did that.  Man I have some good memories about trek!
   I got the nacho stuff you sent with the Jorgys, on Saturday!! Thanks so much Momma! Delicious!!!
   I am not surprised with Kennedy and her smiling at Nana's picture. I believe that babies are still connected to the veil a little bit when they are first born.  I have definitely seen things like that in my mission.  Every time we are around babies, they are always so smiley and never stop.  I am pretty sure that they know who us missionaries are. :) 
   This past week wasn't the best but it still went well.  We were not able to see any of the people you asked about so that's a bummer, but we were able to see a lot of members. Actually, Elder Sherman and I have now seen every single member in our area. Even all of the less actives. So we feel pretty good about that. Our main investigator right now is doing pretty well.  Last week we watched the Joseph Smith video with him and he thought that was super cool. He has a baptismal date for the 26th of July and is progressing very well. He is a 15 year old kid and his Dad is a recent convert. He wants to find out if the church is true and if it is the right road for him. So we are working with him to get him there. Hopefully we will make more progress this week.  We actually are going to see him tonight so hopefully that goes well.
   Well, so something pretty cool happened this week.  Elder Sherman and I were going through our day and we went through all of our plans and were trying to figure out what we should do next. Well, there was this list of members in our area that we have and I looked at it and a name stuck out to me. So, I asked Elder Sherman, "What about the Rodriguez family?"  He said, "Yeah lets go try them." 
   So we went over and knocked their door.  A sweet old lady answered the door and invited us in.  She then invited us to sit down and we got right to business.  We proceeded to tell her that we were in the area and that we wanted to stop by and see how she was doing.  Apparently she is very old and very weak and it was a miracle in itself that she could get up to answer the door.  But as we proceeded to talk she told us her story and how she was really suffering physically and that she wanted to die.  At first it was super sad because of how much pain she was in. But we proceeded to remind her about the plan of salvation mixed with the gospel and how we need to endure to the end.  
   We expressed how the first 4 steps of the gospel (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost) all come quickly and it is the 5th step that takes the time.  She then told us a story of how she did temple work for her mom and she knows that she can live with her mom again.  It reminded me of my sweet Nana and how she is teaching people up there in Heaven, like I am here in California.  
  She then noticed my scar and asked me about it. As I told her, she started to tear up and she said, "That is why you are here, alive, on a mission. You needed to speak to me today so that I could feel your spirit."  SWEET OLD LADY!!! Her husband then came down and we laughed a little. He then asked us if we would give her a blessing and we did. I had the pleasure to give that sweet lady counsel and help from our Father in Heaven. In that blessing, she was promised that she would pass to the other side of the veil pain free and that Christ would remove all of her pains. How cool is that!!?? I know the priesthood is real!
   Momma, I love you so much and hope that this email finds you happy and healthy! Are you feeling any better???
   Pops, I love you like no other and I thank you immensely for the example you are to me. Good luck with your week and know that I love you.
   I love you!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis 

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