Tuesday, March 31, 2015


  I am doing alright. I actually just got back from the doctor and everything is ok. I am sorry that you have been so worried. Yes you are a mom but you stress way too much! :)  I went to Dr. K, my oncologist in San Diego. He wants to do a PET scan to see if my illness has anything to do with cancer and the best way to know would be a PET scan.  I do not know when it will be but he said it should be very soon. I have not started the new Meds yet but I should start them in about 12 days. I am eating normally so not much has changed there.  :)  I am doing alright today. I feel crummy but I am managing. :)

   My week has been alright. We didn't get as much work done this week as I would have liked to but Elder Banks was able to go on splits with other missionaries so we could still get a lot of stuff done. We were able to see ***** and *****'s family and we had a lot of dinners with members this week, so that was nice as well.
   We were also able get some service done this week too. I wasn't much help but I did what I could. :)  We helped a couple people move and we were even able to help put up some shelves in an elementary school and do other things like that there. I was also able to help a couple people with their computers so it has been a good week of service.
  As for my health and everything. Right now, I have been very tired, I have had headaches, nausea and dizziness, and have a fever here once or twice this week. It's probably nothing too bad. The doctor said that it could just be a bug that is lingering for a while.  I promise to take it easy and rest and drink plenty. Plus I just barely had a long talk with President and Sister Schmitt and President said my circumstances will be better this coming transfer. As to what that means exactly, I have no idea. But I trust him and have come to have a really good relationship with him so I am sure he knows what to do and is guided by the Lord. :)   I didn't ask him for a blessing  because I got one from Elder Banks a couple days ago, so I'm good.  :)
  Elder Banks really is a great companion. :)   I haven't been able to do a ton of work myself this week and that has been very frustrating as you can imagine.  But we have been able to go on splits with the other missionaries that live with us so that Elder Banks can at least go out and do work in our area.  So as bad as that feels, I am glad that he is such a champ about things.  With this new Easter initiative I am very excited to see the miracles and blessings that come from it.
  I am not sure what I feel right now. I am not too worried. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  :)  I just want to be back to normal so I can go out and do all I can to fulfill my purpose as a missionary. In the blessing I was promised the strength to finish my mission. :)  It'll work out. :) 
Sorry to worry you but, "Lay your weary head to reeeeest. Don't ya cry no more! NO!" -Boston :)
  Other than that, not much to report. I love you and hope all is well. :)  I could never thank you enough for all that you do for me.  Dad, please hug Mom and let her know that everything is going to be okay.  :)
  Elder Taylor C. Davis

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