Tuesday, April 7, 2015


  Yeah, it's pretty crazy that I only have 3 months left.  That means only two more transfers left and I am trying not to lose my mind because I don't want to be sick for those last 3 month!  I want to be able to do nothing but work hard and finish strong.  But, if I have to do that while wanting to puke and having a pounding headache, then so be it.

   I am doing well. Honestly and truly, I am tired of being sick and I am still feeling ill. But that has not stopped me from working as much as it can and I will not let it. :)  This week I have been really nauseous, especially when I eat and stand up and move around. I have also had head aches and maybe fevers but I am not sure. I will pick up a thermometer today so we can be sure.  I am not sure exactly what it is. I can't really tell if it's anything to do with my Hodgkins but we will find out for sure on Friday. :)  It kind of hurts to tell people that I am still so sick.  But after much thought and prayer, I will do whatever it takes to finish my mission.  I have to!!!  In the blessing when my back was healed so long ago, I was promised that if I was faithful, I would finish my full-time, 2 year mission. If that means that I have to go through Chemo while doing so, I will do it. I want to serve my time. I know that Heavenly Father intends to keep his promise.  :)  The Lord gave his life and everything for me, so why wouldn't it be good for me to give 2 years of my life for him? :)

  I feel it may have something to do with the heat. In which case, I am pretty much screwed. But in the blessing I received last week I was again promised that I will have the strength to finish my mission so I am not too worried. :)

   As for the scan, I have no idea when the results will come in. I am not a big fan of how things run down here compared to how they went in Utah.  But I imagine that they'll call with the results within a day or so.
   Besides my health, everything was pretty chill this week. I was able to go out quite a bit and still rest a bit too.  I feel as if I am almost getting use to how my body is feeling so it makes it easier to work. We helped one of the other Elders' investigators with their yard work yesterday as well as a couple of widows and that was of course nice.
  Conference was of course MIND BLOWING.  It was a dervish of spiritual delights!!   My favorite talks were also in Priesthood session. I loved Elder Holland's talk and Elder Nielsen's as well. They hit me pretty hard. Elder Brent H. Nielsen came to our mission and spoke with us a little, so it was cool to see him there.  I also found it interesting that the first 3 sessions were ALL about marriage and family! It was very cool and I had some great thoughts and notes. We just watched conference at the stake center like we always do.  We invited pretty much everyone and their dog, but no one showed up!  Maybe they were just watching it at home or something.  I felt pretty sad about what happened with the sustainings but think they handled it very well.  
  On Easter we actually ate dinner with the Senior Missionaries and it was SUPER good! They fed us roast and potatoes and it was really great! Yum!
  I did get my Easter Package! Thank you so much! It came in handy for conference!  Plus the tie is legit!
  Well, I love and adore you Mother. You are the best!  Thanks for everything Pops!  I love you with all my heart!
  Love and stuff,
  Elder Taylor C. Davis

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