Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 Well it sounds like everything is going better over there! Sounds like it was a pretty good week and you seem happier than usual. That is great to hear and I am glad.  Man we are truly blessed with great friends over there! I am excited to see what happens with the basement and how it turns out.
 That's so great to hear that everything went so well. You always have been a beast at following the spirit and being in the right place at the right time.  That is something that I have always admired about you.  I am sure that she is very grateful and because of you, a lot of her doubt and stress was relieved. Thanks for being such a boss!!!

   Excited for the March Package! Have to say I am a little nervous about the new meds though.   Especially after what happened before the last meds.  But I'm sure it will work out.  :)

   Yeah I know about the letter from President. I knew about it too, because the mission office called me to verify your email so they could send it.  It was a scary thought at first but I am doing well now.  And yes I know that I need to push through and just focus on what's important and not worry about the rest of it. I had a good talk about that with President about that a couple weeks ago. I don't want to be a missionary that everyone thinks was a "sack" at the end of their mission. I want to focus on my purpose and get it done until the tag is taken from me! I made that goal a long time ago and I don't intend to not achieve it. :) I promised myself that I would work hard until the very end because I want to make sure that everyone's time and money was not a waste.  Plus I want to live up to the 2 years, the best I can!

   So our week wasn't too bad I guess. I have been sick the past couple days which hasn't been fun but other than that it has been good. The nurse seems to think that I have heat exhaustion. But don't worry, I have been drinking a lot of water and taking care of myself. I am super nervous for the summer heat here, but the Lord will take care of me. :) 

    ***** and ******* are doing great! They came to church on Sunday and are showing more and more interest.  ***** is continuing to listen to the Book of Mormon on CD and is loving it.  Something super sick happened this week though!!!! Our little Spanish group was turned into a Branch on Sunday!!! So sick!!!
    Super cool about ****!  Keep it up!  The best way for us to invite others to hear about the gospel is to get to know them and apply it to them and testify of how it helps families! :)

   My mission has been a HUGE blessing in my life. Before my mission, I didn't have a super solid testimony of the Book of Mormon or the Atonement. But because of my mission and all that I've learned and done, I KNOW without the slightest doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I have read it more times on my mission than I had my whole life before and I will never stop reading it.  I know that Jesus Christ suffered not only for our sins, but for any problem or heartache or pain or suffering that we will ever go through and he has a perfect knowledge and understanding of every little thing we go through. I know it and I love it.
    Elder Taylor C. Davis

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