Tuesday, March 3, 2015


   Sounds like a pretty crazy week over there!! Holy cow! That's crazy that Kenna got her call so quickly! When does she leave?  I always knew she would go stateside.  Well, kind of.  :)
  Glad to hear that Grandpa is doing alright
  Well things here have been alright. It has been a bit of an interesting week. We've gone back and forth between bikes and car in the trio because the car has been having problems so we've had to drop it off at the shop a couple times. We've gotten to see a lot of people and gotten a lot done. 
   Our companionship is doing well. It started to get a little rocky at the end because of the whole 2 areas, 3 Elders thing. Plus the car situation was a little rough, but other than that it has been a lot of fun. I sure do love both of these Elders and I glad that I've been able to spend time with them both. 
   We got the calls this morning........... Wait for iiiiiiiit!......... I am................ Not getting transferred! Woohoo! But my companion is and I will be picking up a new companion tomorrow morning. I will be picking up a little newbie. :) Yeah it will be sad to see Elder Johansen go because I have seen him grow and change so much.  But he is definitely ready for a change.  I know he will do great wherever he goes.
    It will be crazy to see what happens. We have to leave here at about 6:30 tomorrow morning and I'll pick up my new companion at transfer meeting in mission valley.  We won't find out where Elder Johansen goes until the meeting.  Plus Elder Weber, the third comp, will pick his new comp up there as well.  
    So things with the Spanish sacrament are going well. I have heard rumors that they will be calling a group leader soon so it will become an official Spanish group. That's not for sure but it is what I have heard. 

   We actually saw **** and **** yesterday and they plan to come to church this week.  hopefully we can sit down with them more and teach them the lessons.  **** Says he KNOWS the church is true!  How cool is that?  I haven't mentioned before that there is a kid that we are teaching and he is really cool.  He has been reading the Book Of Mormon and said that he would pray to know if it was true.  He seems pretty interested.

    The best part of my week would probably have to be Sunday.  It was nice to just have that break and be able to go to church. I am glad that I learned to love church before my mission because I love it even more now. The spirit you feel during sacrament meeting is amazing and all that I have learned about what sacrament really is has changed my life. 
   Oh yeah and just a side note, today is Cody the Keeper's Birthday so please wish him a happy birthday and all that for me.  :) 
   Oh and just a happy side-note for you...... I wasn't gonna tell you until later but Colton has been bugging me about when I come home and I don't want him to know before you, SO..... my release date should be a week earlier. It should fall on the 7th of July.
   You always help me more than I deserve so thank you for always doing that. You're the best. :)
I have used my Wendy's tag and I have loved it!!! Thank you so much! Frosty's for days!

   Well, I sure do love the heck out of you and hope that you know that. :)   I hope you have a great week!
   Elder Taylor C. Davis
This is a family that we have worked a lot with. They are great!

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