Tuesday, February 24, 2015


  So it has been a little of a different week. We had MTE's (Missionary Training Exchanges) yesterday and we finished up this morning, so things have been a bit crazy for past few hours.  It's just where we exchange companions and go out and work together and try to learn from one another and see how we can improve.  Guess who I was with on MTE's though?  Bet you have no idea! I was with the Sherm Dawg! Oh what an adventure it was! It was also cool to see that he and I still got it. We still have that unity and what not and we had a great time together. :)  Elder Sherman has another 6 weeks and then he goes home.

   So things are going alright here. Yes I am in a trio now. But that is because one of the elders here went back to San Diego so his companion is with us for the next week. The other Elder went back to San Diego because he is a sign language missionary and they needed him back there. But it has been a lot of fun. We actually have had a car ever since last Tuesday because he had a car for his area.  So we have not biked that much lately. But things are going well. Trying to juggle both areas is interesting but somehow we are figuring it out. :)   

    We were not able to see R or R this week but we were able to see a lot of people and find a less active man that wants to come back to church and marry his wife in the temple. So that's pretty cool! :) 

    Transfers are exactly in a week so I should know exactly in a week what';s going down with transfers.  I probably will finish my mission out here. I am okay with it though because I do love it here. 

    Sacrament  in Spanish is going well.  Last week was different because we had to go the 3 sacrament meetings since we are in a trio. So I missed out on Sunday school but it was good :) 

    The best of my week was probably yesterday when I was with Elder Sherman. We were able to see a lot people and have a good time together. Plus it was nice to have a lot of positivity and it was just overall really fun.  I enjoyed it. I probably won't be able to go to the temple until I go home because if we are in the Valley, we can't go to the temple. So I am not sure. I am hopeful to be able to go soon but we'll see. 

   So yep, that's me. I'm glad that you enjoyed my little gift for valentines day. I wish I could have done more but I just wanted to show that I cared about you and that I loved and appreciate everything that you do for me. I sure do love you Mom. :) You are the best!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

P.S.  If people ask why I didn't email them or anything please just tell them that my week was super crazy and I didn't have a lot of time. Love you!   XxxOooXoOxxXo

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