Tuesday, February 17, 2015


    So it has been a bit of an interesting week to say the least. But all in all, it has been a good week. We were able to get a lot done and it was nice to do so.  I actually was able to interview another person this past week and she is scheduled to get baptized this Saturday! And she wants me to baptize her. What the?... I just met her and she wants me to baptize her instead of the missionaries that teach her. Weird. 

   Oh and we also got to de-demonize a house on Sunday so that was pretty fun. **** and ****** are doing well. ****** had the flu this week so they didn't come to church but they still have the desire to go and are really showing a lot of interest.  ****** didn't say much about the job thing but we'll see him this week again and find out. **** is doing well too. This week one of her friends got baptized because of her and that was really cool. We were able to help her with her talk and that was cool.  

   The bike is holding up pretty well. I don't have any complaints so far. We pretty much do ride everywhere. The other day we prob did about 50 miles. The only time we use a car is when we get a ride to stuff from the other Elders. But their car in the shop for a few days so there are no cars in El Centro now.

   Things with Elder Johansen are going well. He is a really good kid and a super good missionary.
  The Spanish things are going pretty well too. I actually had to speak in Sacrament meeting this Sunday. So you can imagine that that was fun. The told me Tuesday afternoon. I think it went ok though. I hope.

   Glad that you have been enjoying the pictures.  I don't want you to get used to it and then me get transferred and it not happen.  

   So I did get the February package. Thank you so much! I felt bad that my gift was so lame compared to yours. If you have even gotten it. But it really did mean a lot to me, so thanks.  My Valentines Day was alright. I ended up on exchanges with one of the zone leaders and we just worked hard all day and it was like a normal day.
   Sounds like everything is going pretty good at home and that's great. 

   Anyways, Love your guts!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

P.S.- Elder Karlinsey is going to San Diego in a couple days and he said that if you have a package that needs to be sent, he will take it and drop it off at the mission office.  Here's a quick pic that we snapped a couple hours ago. I'll explain later. Love you!


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