Tuesday, February 10, 2015


   So things went pretty well this week! I finally got my bike out of the shop! It's not the best bike in the world, but I really do like it and I am glad to finally have it. The week has been good.  It's just been a little crazy. This past weekend our room mates had 3 baptisms and the week before that I got to interview all of them.  So it was cool once again to see people that I had interviewed enter into the waters of Baptism.  I am district leader again.  I just didn't want everyone to make a big deal about it again so I just kinda hinted at it.

   Pretty crazy that Kenna is already done and waiting for her mission call!  I wonder if she'll go somewhere foreign or something.

   Have to say that I am not surprised that you used your spirituality to help someone out yet again. You have always been so good at following the promptings of the spirit!  You are a machine!  I hope to someday be able to heed the promptings of the spirit like that!  You never cease to amaze everyone do you?  

   How is Beechop? Is he doing any better?

   So I have thought about and prayed about BYU a bit but it just doesn't feel right.  I think I would hate it and that I would just end up wanting to transfer somewhere else.  Plus if I'm thinking of going into the medical field, I wouldn't want to go to BYU anyway.

   So this week was pretty good. We saw a lot of people and we actually inherited a recent convert that wanted to be taught by us (the Spanish missionaries) instead of the English so that was cool. She's super cool and is helping us out a lot and is trying to get us to teach her mom. We saw Ruben and he is meeting with the Bishop today for a job interview.  Apparently his job now is super hard on him and he wants a different one so he can come to church every week. SUPER COOL! Plus he has been listening to the Book of Mormon on CD and is already on disc 5!  What a champ!  Things with the Spanish sacrament meeting in church are actually going really well.  There were actually Spanish Sunday School classes and everything this week!  Plus we are meeting with a member of the stake presidency to talk about it over lunch emails.  So yeah it is going well.  The members are really excited and it seems to be helping the investigators as well.

    The Iron Horse (his bike)  is good. I don''t know how you can help.  You help with enough already on my mission. :)  I think it will work just fine. :)

    I'll forward you the info that you need to send the stuff to UVU. :) Thanks for helping out with that. 

     We don't really have Valentine's plans, that would be a little weird. We just plan on a normal day. :)

      About the room situation, I honestly have no preference as to what room I have. My only concern is that I get my bed back and that I have a 9ers room. At this point, me moving downstairs would probably be better for everyone because it would be easy. Plus Jonah wouldn't have to feel like he only got all perks of that room while I was gone and that the spotlight was back on me again. I have been thinking about him and I think the downstairs room would be most beneficial for us all.  :)

    My Utes blanket is okay. It's actually held up pretty well for my mission so that has been nice.
    Well I sure do love you!

    Elder Taylor C. Davis

 I asked Elder Davis for a picture of his face this week - this is what I got!  LOL
This is his zone.
Elder Davis' bike.

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