Tuesday, February 3, 2015


   Happy February!!! Holy Cow it's already February!  I am super happy that you enjoyed the email.  Ahhh your email brought me a sigh of relief.  I was getting super frustrated with the whole U of U thing and things just weren't making sense. Then, as I was struggling, I had the thought, "you're going about it the wrong way." I was confused about this so I prayed. Immediately I had the impression that now is not the time for me to go to the U. I was super worried because of what my patriarchal blessing says and was confused. So I continued to pray and felt like your email would help me out.  As soon as I read it, I took everything into consideration and prayed again to ask if going to UVU is what I should do. Then, I got a very strong spiritual confirmation that it is what I need to do.  So that is what I am going to do and I am NOT going back on it. Hopefully I can get all the financial aid and everything done before March 1st so it will be a smooth transition. But yes that is my decision.

    I am sorry to hear that going through and finding all that stuff made you sad.   :(   But I am glad you put it all away and that you feel good about it. :)  You are so funny.
   So other than all the college stuff, it was a decent week. We were able to see a lot of people again this week and I was able to borrow a bike from a super cool member until my bike is out of the shop (hopefully tomorrow).  The bike situation is kinda lame but it's still better than it was.  But yes, I do have to agree, it could be worse.  

   It was a super crazy and stressful Sunday because there is so much change now but it is so sick!  So this Sunday they started up a Spanish sacrament meeting and classes for all the Spanish people that live in the area and it was amazing to see how excited and pumped everyone was. Just to add to the awesomeness, Josefina and Rafael showed up and were so pumped that they stayed for the English and the  Spanish sacrament meeting!! Holy poop! Plus I was able to talk to Josefina after church and she is super happy and excited and she seems to be doing well. It's a shame that I can't teach her anymore but her and I were making jokes and laughing all throughout the classes in Spanish. It has been a really good week!  :)  Ruben and Roselee are doing alright.  We haven't been able to set them with a date yet, but they are doing pretty good.  We were talking to Ruben and he said that he never wanted to miss church ever again.  

   Unfortunately since we are in the Valley, we were unable to participate in the Mormon Battalion thing, so that was a bummer. But I heard it was pretty cool.

   I have to say that when I heard the Cheatriots won, I almost cried and have been a little angry ever since,  haha.  

   The best part of my week would have to be Sunday. That just trumps everything else.

   So just to reiterate, I think what I want to do is go to UVU from home and maybe later transfer over to the U.  I still don't know what I want to study but I will just work on my generals and take that problem to the temple when I can.  :)

   Thank you so much for being the inspired Mom that you and always being connected with Heaven. I sure do love you!  

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

    P.S. - I didn't exactly buzz my hair but I did cut it myself and it's all the same length. I should hopefully be getting it cut by a pro soon though.

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