Tuesday, March 10, 2015


   So I am doing good. Glad to hear that things are going alright at home and that they're going better than they were earlier in the week.  My week has been pretty good. Elder Banks is a beast! He is awesome!  His Spanish is stellar and he's already an amazing missionary. I honestly don't feel like I can teach him anything.  :)  Pretty much all I have to do is teach him the basics and help him stay focused.  Sounds easy enough, right?  We are back to just the two of us and we are on bikes.  It is pretty fun.  I am enjoying it because it will help me stay fit for the next few months. :)

  Things here in the valley are going really well!  We were able to see  ***** and ****** this week and they are doing well. We were able to give ***** a blessing and ****** came to church! He also said that he liked it and we are going to go see them tonight.  So that has of course been good. :)  Other than that, we haven't really seen any investigators.  **** has been really busy and we haven't been able find him home.  We are working with a man who is less active who would like to come back to church and things are going really well with him.  We get to meet with him tomorrow.
   So there has been talk about Ipads in the mish.  Apparently they will be here in May and all missionaries who go home before November 23rd will not have to pay for them. So I will probably get to use one for my last two transfers and not get to keep it. Which is totally fine with me because I don't like Apple products anyways. So yep, that's what I know about iPads. :)

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!!!!! So cool that your birthday ended up on a Tuesday and I am able to shoot you a Happy Birthday email.  I hope you also received my not so cool birthday letter, by now.  Did you by chance?  How's the birthday so far?  Anything good that you plan to do or did?  I'll expect a report next week!  Anyways, I hope that everything goes well with Pops' birthday. Make sure to give him a big hug for me.  Okay? 

   Happy to hear about Utah sports and how well they are doing!I am excited to see what happens with the Utes this year and how well they do!  I am also excited to see how the Jazz end up being next season!  Can't say I'm too happy about the 9ers at all though!  They have really disappointed me in the last 2 years.  But I guess I'd rather they disappoint me when I can't watch them, than any other time.  :)  They will start winning again win I can wear my jersey every week!

   Yes, it's true that I'll be coming home on the 7th instead of the 14th.  Crazy, huh?
   Mom, thanks for all that you do. I sure do love and appreciate you and don't deserve most of what you do for me. Love you lots.

   Pops, thank you for always providing for our family and working so hard to do so.  You have taught me what it means to work hard and I love and appreciate that!  May the Lord bless you today and may you have a great birthday!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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