Monday, March 10, 2014


Elder Davis' "desk" 
 Ocean Beach - Pday last week
We asked Taylor to send a picture of all the ties he had, so we could see what colors and styles he needed.
No wonder he requested no more stripes!


   I am doing great!  It has rained quite a bit this wee.  But it has not phased us.  We just go out anyway!  Rain coat for the win!

  As for my pants, they haven't changed much because I use the extra shoelaces you sent to keep my pant legs tight to my legs so they don't' get caught in my bike.  Looks less unprofessional than a bright orange rubber band that some of the missionaries are using.

   As for my appetite, holy cow I am hungry ALL THE TIME!!!  And, I have lost weight!  I work out every morning so hopefully that will help me maintain muscle.

   I still use my backpack.  I didn't start using the filter again until I got to this area.

   I am not exactly sure how many meds I have left.  Probably about two weeks. 

   I am sorry about not sending letters the past few weeks.  It has been chaotic and I also ran out of stamps.  Then the post office was closed when I went there.  Plus, I have bee really low on money this last month.

   What a great experience you had to go and do splits!  That sounds like so much fun!  I didn't know that there was that much work in Saratoga Springs!

   For pday last week we went to Ocean Beach.  I have enclosed a picture. 

   I love you to death and thank you immensely for all you do.  You are the best parents a son could ask for.  Thank you for everything!  I hope this week is great for you!  Love you!

   Elder Davis

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