Monday, March 24, 2014


Dear Family,

    Thank you for the nice, bright, spring package.  I love it!  Food for days!  I don't' know what to say other than I love you and it was the perfect thing.  Exactly what I needed.!!!

    I don't know what to say because for some reason my mind is super blank.  So this past Sunday there was a mission president's fireside.  These are where the mission presidency is there and recent converts share why the accepted the gospel and their testimonies.  The missionaries in the surrounding areas perform musical numbers or sing in the choir.  Well, I had the opportunity to sing in the choir and it was a great experience.  It felt so cool to bear my testimony through the songs that we sung and feel of the spirit so strongly.  As I was scanning the crowd, guess who I saw?  Do you remember B*****, the less active I talked about in Poway?  Well he was there and I got to talk to him a little bit afterward.  He says he is fully active now!  Super cool!

    Something else happened to me that I'd like to share.  I guess my mind isn't so blank anymore.  So the past week I had been closing in on finishing the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission.  Well, I had prayed that whole week before I finished that when I asked if all that I had read was true, that I would feel the power of the spirit like investigators do.  So I could be put in their shoes.  Well as I got down on my knees and started to pray to ask, I was filled with the spirit so strong that it was stronger than the first time I asked.  While I was feeling this I asked Heavenly Father if he was really there and I was filled again.

    Now I would just like to tell you all how much I love you!  I thank you for supporting me and allowing me to do this.  I know how hard it is for you and it means the world to me.  I KNOW without a single doubt that the Book of Mormon is real and true.  I KNOW that God is our Heavenly Father and he is there and always listens to us.  He does answer our prayers - always.

     I love you all!

    Elder Davis

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