Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Dear Sweet Mother,

    I am doing fantastic! This week was very hard in certain ways but it was also a very fun week.  We had exchanges with the zone leaders yesterday and that was super fun!  It's nice to be able to work in English sometimes but at the same time, I appreciate my Spanish work.  I was able to get to know the zone leader that I exchanged with a lot and he is such a funny guy.  I am so glad that I get to do the Lords work with good health again! :)
  Me and my companion are doing great! We are really becoming great friends and building companionship unity as well.  The members and others that we teach are really starting to take a liking to us.   I just love the members down here and never want to leave, haha.  Sadly, we do not have any new investigators this week.  We actually lost two of them (one of them being ****) so that was of course hard and sad. But!... we saw **** again and we had a super powerful lesson with J***** about Joseph Smith!  We have been contacting all the referrals we have and trying former investigators like crazy. We actually were able to contact every single referral we had this week! No luck with any new ones yet but we are definitely busting our legs for some! I know we'll find someone soon.
     For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we do not have many plans.  We are going caroling as a zone on Christmas day.  I will also be calling home Christmas Day. I wanted to let you know that there is a rule that we can only talk to our parents when we call. Unless everyone is there on a conference call or something.  I will probably be calling sometime after studies Christmas morning.
    I actually was able to watch the Christmas devotional! and it was of course super great!  We watched at the stake center and it was awesome. 
    It will definitely be different spending the season without you! But you are very correct when you say that this is where I need to be!  We are getting together as a mission but that is happening on the 21st.  I am super excited and glad to be able to do so!
    I love you with all my heart and hope that your week is the best week ever!!
    Elder Davis

Dear Spiritual Giant Pops,
    This week has been great. I am great.  I think it's funny how you tell me to not start letters with an apology but you just did the same thing, haha.  Don't even worry about it though.  I wasn't worried or anything. But I did send you a letter last week so you should of got one....? Maybe it just is running late or something. 
    Things with **** are not much different unfortunately.  :(  We are having a hard time finding materials in Spanish about how to quit drinking.  But we are still giving it all and hope to see progress soon.  Things with **** are good. We actually saw him this week with the intention of seeing **** and the lesson went very well.  We ALMOST got him to church on Sunday and he was actually very happy to see us.  He and I have really built a friendship and I think that he could be baptized soon. We saw **** for like 5 minutes and he seemed alright.  More sober it looked like so that was good.  We have plans to see them both this week though.  As for ****, sadly, she dropped us.  :(  We were dropped by two of our investigators and that was hard but we believe that will find more soon.  We STILL have not seen **** for more than 10 minutes.  We have appointments scheduled with her this week though!
    Me and the Shermanator are doing well.  We actually get along very well.  Things we have in common are that we like food (no surprise), Sports and Pokemon!!  We mostly talk about the work but when we aren't, we usually talk about things like that. Not much though.  He is actually a decent cook.  You should tell Mom that she should be pretty proud of me because I made us "Tater-tot Casserole" the other night and I didn't even know the recipe! It was super good and it turned out really delicious!  Our companionship studies are good. We just focus on who we are going to see and how we can help them.  He is actually pretty different from Elder Karlinsey but I don't have any complaints.
    NICE WORK on the Christmas lights!!! They look pretty nice! Glad you could find some lights and get it all worked out. 
    Gotta say that I miss the snow but I am glad I don't have to deal with it while doing the work. 
    I love you so much Dad.  Every one of your letters and emails hits home with me and makes me more proud to be your son.  You really do what you should and focus on others during Christmas time and all the time otherwise. Thank you.
    Elder Davis

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