Tuesday, January 20, 2015


   So yeah my week was pretty interesting.  Pday was actually like one of the best Pdays I have had in a long time. It was nice last week because we did something other than play basketball and we weren't super rushed.  I didn't actually do anything for jump day.  It was just like any other day...That is until we got a notice from the zone leaders that President was coming down and we were going to have a meeting with him that night at 8 pm... So you can imagine that we pretty much pooped our pants!   Even more so when we were told that he was just here to talk our district... Long story short, there was some disobedience going on in the district and he came to straighten it out. But not to worry, I wasn't involved and I am totally fine. :)

   What I took away from the meeting is probably different than anyone else.  I took away that I want to study the section in Preach My Gospel about our purpose and how to recognize the Spirit better and work on both of those concepts.

   I actually had a good talk with President and the whole time he was there, I felt like I needed a blessing for some weird reason and I just kept brushing it off because I didn't "need it" need it.  But it kept coming to my mind so I asked him and it was actually a pretty cool blessing.  He earned a lot of respect from me that night.  I did get a package but it was the one from Colton, with my vitamins.  Nothing else.  The zone leaders should bring mail down tomorrow though.  So no worries.  :)

   We got transfer calls this morning and I am actually staying here for at least another 6 weeks.  Elder Shoup is getting transferred though.  :(  It will be hard to see him go because we have gotten so close and gotten a lot of good work done here.  But we have both felt this week that he is going and it was only a matter of time.  I really love Elder Shoup.  He's such a good guy.  I know that wherever he goes is where he is needed.  :)  He will change lives wherever he goes.

   I do already know who my companion is though.  It's going to be Elder Johansen.  It will be good.  We already get along pretty well.  

   Since Elder Briggs left on Friday, Elder Shoup, Elder Johansen and I have been in a trio working in two areas and it has actually been pretty fun.  We have gotten a lot done and have had a lot of laughs.  We weren't able to see Rafael, but we were able to see Josefina and she came to church and was super happy.  Plus one of the members that works with her asked her when she is going to get baptized and she said soon.  We have seen a lot of less active members this week and have been fired up about the work and I think it's proving fairly effective.

   Feeding the homeless was pretty cool!  We also got to help with an event for the seniors in the Imperial Valley and that was super cool.  Hopefully I can send pictures next week.  For some reason my camera won't take my SD card anymore.  :(  But I backed up all the pictures, so we are good there.  I just have to format it this week so I can use it again.  I still have to show you how clean our apartment is.  :)

   My favorite meal this week is hard to choose since we had a meal every single day of the week!!!  It was super nice and cool to be fed that much!  The members out here are super cool!  My favorite meal would have to be the burritos that a member brought over from Mexi-Cali for us.  Yum!!!

   I love you, as always an appreciate everything you do!  Love you!!!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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