Tuesday, January 13, 2015


   This week has actually been pretty nice. We were able to get a lot done. I made a lot of goals this year that I hope to accomplish by the end of June. I have set goals to finish the Book of Mormon again and D& C before I come home. I have also made it a goal to think more about Christ during the day. I also want to be in complete shape by the time I come home.

   As far as the most important to me other than thinking more of Christ during the day, secondly I would like to be in shape when I get home.  

    We actually didn't have too many meetings this week so that was nice. More time to work. :)   What stands out to me the most about this week is that I have been writing thank you cards to all of the people that sent me ties and gifts for Christmas and it has been really cool. It's been like a late Christmas and I have enjoyed it a lot. :)

   It's crazy that the year has gone by so fast already!  I am basically pooping my pants because I was hoping it would be a nice, calm last 7 months.  But it has already gone below 6....What the heck?  But all the same, I am going to make the most of it and work my hardest until the end.  I feel really good about the goals I have set and thin I will be able to do a lot this year.

     We were able to meet with Rafael yesterday! And it went pretty well.  He is doing pretty good.  :)  We jsut need him to come to church this week so he can keep his baptismal date.  No new investigators yet but we are trying super hard to find some more people. We were unfortunately unable to see Josefina,  but we hopefully will see her tomorrow. :)  I am very hopeful; that this next week will be a good one and I am excited to see what comes of it.

   I am actually really loving this area  I love the ward, the people, and of course the weather.  :)  No snow, 70 degree weather all day, every day and I am loving it!  Yesterday was the beginning of me being the "assigned driver."  I was pretty nervous because I hadn't driven in over 3 months.  But I've still got it.  I am driving a 2013 Ford Fusion.  It's pretty nice.  It's a Ford, but it is still better than the piece of Chevy we had before.

  We actually have been fed a lot in this area. :)   It's nothing like I've ever had in my mission before!  So that is pretty nice. :) We actually have dinner appointments with members every single day this week! I am so stoked!

   About the journal thing, it's kind of a mixture of everything you mentioned... I have limited time, I am having and have had those kinds of experiences. It's just the curse of being a man of few words. But I have made goals to do better at that in my journal and it is turning out pretty well so far. I do go blank when I sit down and try to write in it most of the time but I am still going to make an effort.

   With the homeless, we basically just help at events that help feed them and we pretty much just serve the food to them and initiate the prayers and everything like that.   When we can, of course we talk about the gospel as well.  Other service things that we've done are like yesterday, we helped an old lady out by sweeping her walkways and garage. We volunteer at the foodbank, take down Christmas lights, and all that jazz.

   For exercise, we run every other day and on the others we either play sports, body work outs or just run. I have also been doing push ups in the morning and at night and that is helping a lot as well.

   Pdays here are pretty chill. It's a mostly dude zone, so the elders usually just play b-ball every week. Sometimes, we do something different and play sports outside. Elder Shoup and I will just chill this week. (Kind of a sick of b-ball.) So it'll be nice.

   I can't think of anything I need right now, other than maybe some more thank you notes.

   No break through s on college yet. I technically can't do anything until I get the papers in the mail from President, so hopefully i get those today.

   I was actually able to get some sweats and they have been nice for running and stuff like that. :) So thanks a ton for that! :) As always, I love and appreciate you more than you could ever understand!

   Love ya!

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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