Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The "Comfy" couch.

    Not usually am I this excited about the sports updates but for some reason I am feeling pretty pumped!!   I feel like this week is going to be a good one.  You did a great job with your updates too because I was able to read them and basically live the game. So thanks for always doing that!! It really does make me happy!!

   So today I don't have a ton of time so I am going to just get down to business.... This week has been sick! Andres passed his interview and is ready for baptism!!! Ever better.... He's getting baptized on Friday and he wants me to do it!!!  So Sick!! Man it really has been cool to see him learn and grow so fast! It's crazy seeing such a giant spirit inside such a tiny body!!It's cool to think that he is one investigator that I have found, taught and am going to baptize.  How cool it has been to see him progress in the Gospel! He's such a champ!

   They haven't took the couch away yet so we are really enjoying it.  I am actually having to use it here and there because my chair that's at my desk really hurts my back. But hopefully we'll get new chairs soon.

    My last zone conference was about 2 months ago and we met in a stake center at Sweetwater. There were about 30 missionaries there.

    So far we don't have many plans for thanksgiving but we have received an invite so we'll hit that up for sure.

    Haven't really heard anything about iPads. We suspect that we will get them next month but nobody seems to know. 

   If I can find a member that will let us Skype on Christmas, I probably will.  Otherwise it will be a phone call.

   Elder Strong and I have cooked thinks like burritos, biscuits, french toast, pasta, all that fun stuff.
   Josh Has a baptismal date for the end of this month! I was so pumped when I found out. I love that kid!

   Today we are emailing from the Family History Center since the libraries are closed.

   The funnest thing I've done on P-day would actually probably have to be playing sports.  Yeah I have been to Ocean Beach and the Mormon Battalion and stuff like that but it's always so rushed since we have such little time.

   We can go to recreational places like museums and parks and bowling and that's all that I have done. 

   We are seeing  a lot of change in the branch. People are stepping up to callings, more people are coming back, and it is really taking off. The branch has more attendance than the ward now.
  As far as Christmas goes, I don't wanna ask for anything because I don't think I can haul anymore around than I already have.  My clothes are holding up fine.  Everything's good. I wouldn't mind a couple more pairs of CTR socks though. They're starting to get wholes in them and I might have a couple casualties before I go home.

   So yeah that's my life so far. Oh yeah! And we added a GOLDEN investigator named Yadira last night!! She is super cool and committed to reading the introduction of the Book of Mormon and pray about it! Ahhhh Yeahhhh.
   As always, I love you so much and I hope that you enjoy this email.

   Elder Taylor C. Davis

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