Tuesday, February 25, 2014


  This week has been super sick! Answer time!
1.  I was actually able to pack everything up super easy.  (My Mother taught me well.)
2.  I did forget to pack all my candy.  But other than that, I am pretty sure that I was able to grab everything.
3.  We met in mission valley at a stake center for the transfer. I saw Elder Karlinsey there and we got to chat it up a little bit.
4.  I am in......... Chula Vista!!!! You were right! I am super close to the boarder and I cover the Rio Otay Spanish ward.  It is so cool.  I have been here since Wednesday and I am LOVING it. 
5.  My companion is Elder Nickel (like the 5 cent) and he is super cool and is a boss. He has been in the mission for almost 19 months and he is a stud.   He is a convert of 3 years.  I will take pictures at zone activity today and send them next week.
6.  He is from Texas.
7.   My new place is great. I have a super comfy bed.  Our apartment is a little first floor apartment and it is actually pretty nice. 
8.  It was actually pretty clean when I got there and it is a little bit cleaner now :)
9.  In comparison to Poway...I don't really want to compare it.  But I am sure that you can see that I like this area a bit more.  There is a lot more member support and it's nice to go to church in your area. My first impressions of the members here is that they are pretty sick.  I am in a huge Spanish WARD. It is definitely Spanish speaking.
10. I am LOVING it!  I feel like the Lord has really blessed me this transfer and I am stoked to see what happens.
11. The work is different because I am biking and I love it. Beats the car by a long shot. I was super worried when I found out I was biking because I don't have a bike.  But all is well because an Elder that isn't using his bike is letting me use his.  Eventually I will probably need to buy a bike.  But the mission office said that when I end up needing one, I can buy one from there.  So shouldn't be too bad.  I will keep you posted.
12.  Emotionally, I think the move has really helped me out. I am super pumped to work here.
13. We actually have like 15 investigators, so we are doing pretty well. We are hoping to add some more. One actually got baptized on Saturday! Baptism my first week in the area!  I wish I would have taken pictures but I didn't really know him at the time so I didn't feel like it was appropriate to just take a picture to have one. But that doesn't mean I am not going to work with him. We actually are well acquainted now and we see him often. He is super cool. 
14.  Can you ask the Pres for my address because I don't exactly know it yet.  I just know where it is and how to get there.
15.  My companion is awesome and we get along great!
16.  We email from a library a few miles away.
17.  I do not  know how many are in our zone yet but I will find out today. There are 9 in our district though.  me, my companion, the Zone leaders and 5 sisters.
   I just want you to know that I am super happy and I freaking love you! I hope that this week is the best for you!
   Elder Davis
P.S.- Is my Spanish triple still sitting around?? There is a convert that wants one and I thought it would be cool for him to have mine.

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